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2 x 6 Framing House - We incorporate the use of the 2x6 stud as a standard. With this method the overall quality and strength of the house is ensured plus the added benefit of additional insulation especially with the spray in foam insulation.

Double Wall House - As with the single wall log method, the double log walls are the foundation for the exterior and interior structure. In this fashion, when the exterior walls are stacked, the interior walls are also being completed. The air gap between the two walls allows for R19 installation along the full perimeter of the home. This insulation is one of the home components included with this home package.

Log Walls House - We offer a single and double wall system for the log look home. The single wall method incorporates flat tongue & groove fitted logs that are cut to measure at the factor/depending upon the plan being built. These logs are stacked at the job site and doweled together giving the whole outside structure incredible strength. The square peg in the round hole method gives the walls superior strength.


Flexibility of Design

Even though we offer seven standard floor plans, you have the flexibility to use your own plan. We can even offer developers the ability to use their plans for a multiple home development.

There are standard option choices included in the home packages such as exterior siding, flooring, door styles and colors, cabinet style and color, granite or silestone countertop, electrical and plumbing styles and solar package. Your home can be customized simply by upgrading a few of these components all available through our factory.

Already started your home but would like to save money with the rest of the project with GDHI components? No problem.... you can order only the interior components to complete the construction project. All standard materials and options would apply.


Our exteriors are uniquely adaptable to any popular exterior look common to your building marketplace. We offer solid wood or insulated exterior doors, garage doors, German engineered windows, flat exterior square log or rounded log siding, 2x6 framed exterior wall panels plywood sheared with no OSB, Architectural grade asphalt shingles, insulation, batting or cellulose, all wood roof sheeting and hardy board.


Our interiors are designed with the most quality products available. For example, we offer engineered flooring, cork and bamboo flooring, granite or silestone countertops, custom hardwood cabinets and bamboo cabinets, Travertine tile, solid wood interior doors, and high quality electrical and plumbing components.


Saving the customer 25%-35% on construction and building cost. $75 per sq ft. or less! We want to save our customers at least this on there new home purchase. This expands beyond our home package to furniture, patio furniture, children playgrounds and much more.