Supporting The Natural Environment

Energy Star Standard - 50% reduction on energy and efficiency? Cade Creek Homes believes in making our homes as energy efficient as possible. That is why we strive to have our end product meet or exceed Energy Star and LEED standards.

What it means to be GREEN.

What does building green mean? It means that every home offered by Cade Creek Homes are designed and constructed to support the natural environment and enhance the well being of its occupants. It means our homes offer significant improvements in energy efficiency, indoor air quality and comfort, factory waste recycling, and water and wood conservation. Our environmentally conscious homes incorporate building materials made from sustainable wood eliminating the customary OSB for sub-floors. Cade Creek Homes complies with the requirements of section 93120.2(a) for all composite wood products and finished goods containing these materials that are sold, supplied, offered for sale, or purchased for sale in Colorado. Our plywood is made using ULEF resins or no added formaldehyde based resins. In addition, all of the materials provided in our home packages are utilized in the building process, which means less waste going to landfills.

Green homes are safer, healthier, more comfortable and more durable. They reduce greenhouse gases and problems with mildew and other indoor toxins. Additionally, our solar package- standard with every home we offer reduces the cost of utility and water usage. Wooden shutters enhance the homes overall efficiency and add to the aesthetic presentation of the home. Residential green building is no longer a trend, it is the future of building. Building green reduces the substantial impact buildings have on the natural environment, while increasing quality of life. Environmentally responsible, it contributes to a more eco-friendly world. And that benefits everyone.

Solar Energy - Our standard photovoltaic solar package is available in 3KWto 5KW depending on the home size. Photovoltaic (photo meaning light and voltaic meaning the production of electricity, PV for short) modules create electricity directly from the sunlight passing into your panels. Your inverter converts the energy received from your panels into the same energy that you are provided by the electrical company, meaning it can be used like normal electricity. The electricity is then fed into the grid and sold back to the electric company saving you money on your utility bills.