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Now that you have discovered all the benefits of owning a Cade Creek Home, simply call you dealer or our corporate office at970-300-3144 to order your home and begin the process. We are here to answer all your questions, help you save money and get started on you project.

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The CCH business principals are, Pat, Marge and Clint Alley.  All are experienced business professionals, with over 80 years combined business experience in the construction and real estate fields.  All are respected in their fields of expertise and in their communities.  The business will be managed by these principals with additional staff being added as volume demands.  Individual roles will be finalized once the Amtech agreement is signed.

Cade Creek Homes is owned by Pat and Marge Alley.  Pat and Marge have been in the construction and development business for 38 years.  They are professional buiness people with experience in everything from the building of custom homes to the construction of commercial buildings to developing condo and town home projects from start to completion.
Pat sold and erected Chief Industries steel buildings for 18 years.  His company built dental and optical clinics, car dealerships, high schools, new manufacturing facilities and more in a ten state area.  Pat has built three companies and employed up to 80 people.  His company has sold and managed the construction of custom luxury homes throughout Colorado.  Pat and Marge have spent the last ten years in Pagosa Springs, CO.  where their company (Whispering Pines) built and developed town home communities as well as built custom homes.  Pat is a visionary with the ability to create and build new businesses and put in place effective management teams.  Pat and Marge are very excited about the green home packages that Cade Creek will be offering to its clients.

Limited time offer for US residents only.

Cade Creek Homes, LLC., is now offering Dealerships to builders, developers and entrepreneurs who wish to share our goal of providing affordable quality homes. This ground floor opportunity is currently available to interested parties in the U.S. only. Dealer Opportunities won't be available for long. Make your decision to find out more today. For additional information, call us at 970-731-8629.

Challenging economic time have always provided great economic prospects for American entrepreneurs. Seemingly negative factors such as existing economic indicators, the credit crunch, a weak U.S. dollar, and the down ward spiral of the housing market, have enabled Cade Creek Homes to introduce a new innovative housing product to consumers. Cade Creek Homes dealerships are structured for your success. First, pricing is set to save the end consumer 24-36% and to stimulate the lagging housing industry.

Second, our corporate sales people are available to visit your model; to consult with your prospective clients; and to review and share with you proven sales strategies for promoting your model home show room and for maximizing your advertising efforts. Our management team will also assist with your sales projections and business plan. Third, we work directly with the manufacturer to ensure homes are delivered on time and to correct specifications. Finally, we drive customers to you by implementing national level marketing campaigns (assuring an ongoing flow of builds), and providing assistance with your local/regional marketing efforts. Now is the time to join our team by becoming a Cade Creek Homes Authorized Dealer. Dealerships are limited and fees will never be lower. So what are you waiting for? Contact us at 970-731-8629 for introductory dealership rate details or fill out the form on our contact page and our management team will contact you.