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George Ayisi-Boahene

Pat Alley, President/CEO:


Pat and Marge Alley have been in the construction and development business for 38 years. They are professional business people with experience in everything from building high end custom homes to the construction of large commercial buildings to developing large housing projects from start to finish. Pat is a visionary with the ability to create and build new businesses and put in place effective management teams. Pat has been at the forefront of providing superior building products across the United States with unmatched customer service.
Clint Alley has been involved in the family business as an owner and has 18 years in the business. Clint grew up in the business and has done all of the trades in the construction business. Clint is now the Chief Financial Manager.

With the beginning of Cade Creek Housing Incorporated Pat has teamed up with a very talented team of professionals from Africa to help him build the affordable housing for the People of Africa. These team members include Massar Niang Vice President of the African business and part owner. Massar is from New York and is the person responsible for convincing Pat Alley to come to Africa. Gora Sene is one of the representatives for Cade Creek Homes in the countries of Namibia, Angola, Ghana and Senagal and is also a part owner of Cade Creek Housing in Namibia. Demba Jobe is a local business man in Windhoek, Namibia and is a representative and owner and has many contacts in the country of Namibia. Ali Ipinge is a local banker in Wyndhoek and is quite influential in the Namibia country. Ali has made many contacts with the Windhoek and Namibia officials and Ali is also a part owner in CCH of Namibia.