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George Ayisi-Boahene

Massar Niang, Vice President:

Massar Niang was born in the city of Diourbel in the country of Senegal in West Africa,  His mother was a vendor in the market where animals, foods and clothing were sold. His father was one of the local butchers of the city. Massar attended school up to grade 6 at which point he decided his goal was to have a profession. He both fought against a restless, unrelenting pushing to get ahead and yearning to help his family at home. He dropped out of school and apprenticed himself to a Master Tailor. Massar soon found that his new found trade also allowed him to come in contact with and establish relationships with local vendors and businesses. Soon he began selling fabric for a Lebanese in his home town in the city’s tallest building: 3 Etages.
Massar lived in the neighborhood of Keur Cheikh Ibra Fall City of Diourbel in Senegal where he practiced his new trade before then moving to live with his uncle in the city of Dakar the capital and largest city of Senegal. It was not long after that Massar moved to and lived in Abidjan Capital of the Ivory Coast another large city characterized by its high level of industrialization and urbanization. It was after four years of living in this bustling economic climate Massar applied for and received a U. S. Visa.
Upon entering the United States Massar soon began selling necklaces. Setting up his stand in different locations around the city,  It was shortly after this that through the hands of good friends and some good luck that fate smiled on him and he gained employment with Farrar Limited. Not only did he secure a position for himself as a tailor with a fast growing company but he also had the good fortune of perfecting his English under the tutelage of Ms.Felicia Farrar. Dedicating countless hours and immeasurable effort she worked with Massar outside of office hours enhancing his English and also laying the ground work for him to receive his green card which he received. It was during this time in New York Massar realized that though he was just starting out, he needed more to provide for his family back home. Massar applied for a T.L.C. license and changed occupations to yellow cab driver for many years.
Working long hours and saving every penny he could, Massar soon had enough saved up for the second part of his plan- furthering his education. It was not long after that Massar found himself the proud graduate of the University of Sunfutur in Miami, Florida. Massar next moved back to New York and started working for Glamour International Corp. as their marketing director. He learned and fostered an excellent ability for marketing, consulting and product management and became responsible for presenting plans to venture capitalists, angel investors and CEOs of large companies. He conceived successful trade show promotions that attracted more than 40% of conference attendees to company's first exhibit.
Excelling as a Marketing Director and generating opportunities for making the sales value greater at Glamour earned Massar notice and acclaim throughout the sector. It was not long after Massar was offered a promising new opportunity at AAFIA Corp. as the Vice President. He worked  with Directors and Managers to build strategic partners for referencing, credibility and alliances as well as develop and mentor marketing skills in a team. Massar developed through extensive market research a new product definition that increased sales for AAFIA by 20% in the first year following introduction to the market. Always looking to expand his horizons, Massar soon found himself in the employ of CADE CREEK HOUSING INC. Massar dove in head first and has built the Development Marketing Division into the market leader in the industry through unparalleled customer service, creative marketing and dedicated sales teams. Often sought out by the city's large developers, Massar played an instrumental role in securing exclusive sales and marketing opportunities for new developments Massar Led a multi-functional task force that won Cade Creek Housing, Inc. a major multimillion dollar contract for the first time in company's history.

Massar Niang carries a dual citizenship from both America and Senegal.

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