Quality construction with everything you need to build a complete home.

structured insulated panels

The galvanized Steel Truss Systems provide greater strength non-combustible, termite free roofs, and many savings compared to using wood trusses. Using Light Gauge Steel Trusses can greatly reduce costs associated with materials, labor, shipping and reduce construction time.


Solar, Built Green, Fast Delivery, Short Build Time, Multiple Choices

First: Our home packages come with almost everything to complete construction. The foundation is site specific for each home and is not included.
What is included is the SIP,s panels (Structurally Insulated Panels)with cement sheathing on the interior and exterior, roof trusses, electrical wiring and fixtures, plumbing components, sheetrock or interior wall and ceiling material, porches and all interior finish materials.

Second: Our home packages consist of quality construction interior and exterior finishes. All material is pre-cut in the factory saving construction time and labor cost on the job site. We offer solid wood doors and cabinets, the best in energy efficient windows, formica or Silestone countertops, tile, bamboo products, electrical and plumbing packages.... all of this quality at the remarkable low cost of $35-$50 per square foot.

Third: Our homes are built green with little to no waste produced and use sustainable products. We can include a solar package with photovoltaic panels and solar thermal panels for domestic hot wate. This is an unbeatable value for consumers and the environment! Our company is dedicated to saving the world consumer between 24% and 36% on their home cost, while providing engineered materials that meet all International Building Codes (IRC). We have many pre designed floor plans for you to choose from.

Cade Creek Homes is a Colorado-based company owned and operated by experienced construction, marketing and sales professionals. Through our combined efforts and expertise, the West African market is able to take advantage of an amazing opportunity that has changed the way people view home building.
Company Goals and Objectives

By partnering with international sources, suppliers, manufacturers and fabricators, we intend to supply the materials and products necessary for the construction of the highest ratio of cost to quality homes in West Africa, period.  It is our goal to become the major driving force in the West African ┬áhousing markets for materials, and products.  We aim to become the source for developers, builders, and homeowners nationwide seeking the highest quality, lowest cost, and most complete energy effiecient home packages available. 


1. Pre made all structures by very strong patented construction in permanent life to against earthquake, heavier wind load and other nature risk.

2. Delivery by container in all pre made structures, exteriors, interiors and provide a turnkey home to who may need.

3. It is easy and fast to install in job side which on foundation made. It will save the labor, time, waste materials, energy at least 50% to keep green house building.