Factory built prior to delivery.

Ready to go, directly to your job.

Cade Creek Homes offers a specialized three phase delivery direct to your job site. Our home components are delivered via container, ready to go, directly to your site. This method keeps the materials protected from adverse weather conditions and safe from pilfering. The first delivery will contain all of the materials necessary to build the structure of your home. The second delivery will consist of the interior components which include the interior walls and insulation, cabinets, flooring, lighting and plumbing fixtures. The third and final container will hold any additional non-attached items such as indoor and outdoor furniture, spas, etc. This three phase deliver process is designed to coordinate smoothly with your contractor so that no time is wasted in making your new dream home a reality.

Step By Step Construction

View Sunrise Prefabricated Home Brochure (PDF)

There is no environmental pollution on the construction site. Water can be saved by 70% by comparing with that of traditional building construction. Light steel structure & fitting of industrial production house, wall board, floor slab and roof slab of integral house shall be prefabricated in the factory by automatic production equipment to shorten site assembly period on the construction site greatly. The home shall be assembled on the construction site by standard connection with most of dry construction above foundation. Site instillation has strong adaptability for climate with construction so time limit is about 1/2 of that of traditional buildings to increase construction speed greatly and meet national industrial policies and development direction to convert traditional house construction to house construction factory.

sunrise home building process